For Lincluden investing for First Nations is symbolized by a spaghetti smile.

Lincluden Investment Management has a 33 year history of providing disciplined value investing to its clients including First Nation Trusts and Métis Settlements.  We first became involved with First Nations over a decade ago through the Rodgers Investment Consulting Aboriginal Trust and Investment Workshop. We continue to sponsor the workshop as well as provide speakers and educational materials. We are pleased to become sponsors and educators to the broader First Nations financial community.

Why the spaghetti smile?
Wayne Wilson, Vice President, Lincluden: “From the first workshop the communities have been extremely open and welcoming. As a result it quickly became apparent to us  the communities were teaching us as much about their needs, history and culture as we were teaching the communities about financial markets and investing. We began to understand the unique needs of the communities and were able to customize our investment approach to produce the more stable income that many communities find critical to their operating budgets.  It was in a community while waiting to present to Chief and Council on the results of the Trust, that I got the Spaghetti smile. We were in the community center (a building partially paid for out of the trust) and the children from the school next door filed into an area outside the kitchen snack bar for the lunch program (subsidised by the trust).  Spaghetti was being served.  One little boy around 6 years old was walking by so I waved. He smiled up at me cheeks coated in sauce and said ” I am in grade one”. I asked if the Spaghetti was good and he replied ?yup I am going up for more”. When I was on the long drive back to the nearest airport to fly home, more than the nod from the Chief that the trust was working well stuck in my mind, it was the spaghetti smile that stayed with me. In our own small way we were helping to build a stronger community.?Over the years working for First Nations has proven very rewarding as we have sponsored the publishing of a Nations history, helped a shelter for members of a nation that have left for the neighbouring city and faced difficulties. Sponsoring and attended First Nations Summer Games, community Pow Wows from grand to small and intimate. Understanding the critical nature of the money we invest has been the key to creating success for the First Nations we work for.

We are part of an investment management firm managing over $18 billion in combined assets. We offer investment solutions for fixed income, equity, balanced and real estate value investing. Lincluden has a history of providing superior long term returns and a strong level of income while protecting capital for future generations. Investing with a long term focus, conducting our own research and applying a strict price discipline by purchasing securities at discounts to their business value will lead to excellent risk-adjusted returns.




For information please contact Wayne Wilson at 905-273-3018