13th Annual Aboriginal Trust and Investment Workshop






October 16-17, 2017


Rodgers Investment Consulting welcomes you to attend the 13th annual Aboriginal Trust and Investment Workshop. The two-day workshop is designed to educate and engage participants in discussion on the fundamentals of Aboriginal Settlement Trusts and Investment Management.

For the 13th Workshop we will be continuing our in depth analysis of Impact Investing, or how to use both your capital and income to effect change both in your community and within the broader Aboriginal sector. Impact Benefit Agreements and Aboriginal and Industry Partnerships have the potential to create significant wealth for communities. Many IBA’s and Partnerships will also result in Trusts or long term capital pools. This year’s Workshop will address some of the issues related to these trusts and capital pools.

Also on the agenda for 2017 is how to manage both public market and direct investments and how they work together.

Another key area being explored is the potential impact of U.S. regulatory changes through FATCA and FBAR on non U.S. investors who invest in U.S. securities. Currently many Aboriginal Trusts and capital pools are paying unnecessary U.S. withholding taxes. Learn how to keep this money in the community providing benefits to your citizens.


  • Effectively Manage and Invest Settlement
  • Capital and Resource Revenue
  • Learn about Successful Strategies from Communities across Canada
  • Meet leading Tax, Trust Law, and Investment Experts
  • Building Endowments from Resource Revenue Impact and ESG Investing
  • FACTA AND FBAR compliance for Canadian Trusts
  • Fiduciary Duty & conflict of Interest
  • The “Investment Challenge Game”
  • Appropriate Business Structures
  • Impact Benefit Agreements and Industry Partnerships
  • Special Keynote Speakers

This workshop is hosted by Rodgers Investment Consulting