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Fiera Capital Corporation


Founded in 2003,  Fiera Capital Corporation is a leading independent asset management firm with its head office in Canada. The firm offers integrated portfolio management solutions spanning a broad array of traditional and alternative asset classes and caters to a diverse clientele, which includes $500 million for Indigenous organizations and communities across Canada.

Fiera Capital caters to the specific needs of Indigenous communities, offering the following:

  • Strategic and tactical asset allocation, ensuring clients’ portfolios are properly positioned in all market conditions
  • Investment platform, offering a wide array of traditional and non-traditional solutions to improve risk-return opportunities
  • Portfolio optimization, using non-correlated sources of return to maximize the benefits of diversification
  • Educational presentations to Trustees or Community Members to advance the knowledge of their investment portfolios

The team’s ability to optimize client portfolios by offering both alternative investment strategies and a proactive, tactical asset-allocation process, in addition to a complete range of traditional investment strategies, sets them apart from their peers.



Sheila Norman, CFA

Senior Vice President, Investment Counsellor