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Founded in 1955, Jarislowsky, Fraser Limited is one of Canada’s leading investment firms, managing more than $40 billion in assets on behalf of First Nations, governments, corporations, universities, labour unions, foundations and individual clients. It is one of the largest investment managers for Foundations and Endowments in Canada, a result of its established low risk approach to generating long-term growth. Specifically for First Nations, the firm manages approx. $280 million in assets, as of June 30, 2018.

The firm’s history and culture are rooted in investment stewardship, which is expressed through an adherence to high-quality investing, a long-term investment horizon and the advancement of good governance and sustainable investing. Jarislowsky Fraser’s long history of partnering with Indigenous groups is built on a mutual understanding that the responsible stewardship of their capital is paramount to ensuring the long-term prosperity of their communities. As such, it is committed to working with Indigenous investors, building individualized portfolios that meet their needs – ranging from capital preservation to income to long-term capital growth.

In addition, Jarislowsky Fraser, the Jarislowsky Fraser Partners Foundation and the Jarislowsky Foundation are proud to support organizations that fund or advance causes that involve Indigenous communities and education. These include:

  • The Jarislowsky Fraser Partners Foundation Scholarship for Indigenous students, in partnership with Indspire.
  • Martin Family Initiative’s Promising Practices in Indigenous Education.
  • The Jarislowsky Chair in Water and Global Health – an academic position focused on providing safe drinking water and improved sanitation to communities across Canada and around the globe.
  • The Jarislowsky Fulbright Canada’s Visiting Research Chair in Aboriginal Studies.
  • Sponsorship of a number of educational ventures including financial workshops for our Aboriginal clients, as well as post-secondary scholarships for First Nations women in the past.
  • Educating Sponsor of National Aboriginal Trust Officers Association (NATOA).


For more information, please contact:

Western Canada: 403.233.9117

Donald Herman, CFA, Director & Portfolio Manager, Institutional Management

Central Canada: 416.363.7417

Chad Paparoni, Associate Portfolio Manager, Institutional Management

Eastern Canada: 514.842.2727

Jennifer Bent, CFA, Director & Portfolio Manager, Institutional Management