Jarislowsky Fraser

Jarislowski fraser

Jarislowsky, Fraser Limited is one of Canada’s leading independent investment firms with more than $35 billion in assets under management. Founded in 1955 as a research boutique, Jarislowsky Fraser today manages the portfolios of First Nations, pension funds, foundations, corporations and individuals in Canada and globally.

Jarislowsky Fraser’s history and culture is rooted in investment stewardship, which we regard as our responsibility to act in the best interest of our clients. This stewardship is expressed through an adherence to high quality investing, fundamental research, a long-term investment horizon, and the promotion of good corporate governance and sustainable value creation.

As a proud partner of the First Nations community since 1999, we currently manage almost $150 million on behalf of our Aboriginal clients. This ongoing relationship is built on a mutual understanding that the responsible stewardship of their capital is paramount to ensuring the long-term health of their communities. As such, Jarislowsky Fraser is committed to working with First Nations to build individualized portfolios based on our time-tested, low risk approach to generating growth.

We value the power of education and have supported a number of educational ventures including financial workshops for our Aboriginal clients as well as post-secondary scholarships for First Nations women.