CGOV Asset Management






Established in 1995, CGOV Asset Management oversees approximately $4.8 billion on behalf of high net-worth private clients, charitable organizations, pension plans and Indigenous communities and organizations across Canada. Our firm is 100% owned by its employees.

The trustees and members of the First Nations and aboriginal communities require a customized approach to managing the funds within their trusts. Effective communication and investment guidance is required to support the long-term goals of the trust.

CGOV Asset Management’s portfolio managers have practical experience working with trustees and elected officials within Indigenous communities. We closely monitor developments that affect or may affect their communities to expand our knowledge base and support their evolving needs. Our high-touch service culture, our experience in educating and counseling clients and our solution-based, customized portfolio strategies are key elements in supporting their investment objectives.



  • National Aboriginal Trust Officers Association (NATOA)
  • The Circle on Philanthropy and Aboriginal Peoples in Canada
  • Portfolio Management Association of Canada (PMAC)
  • AFOA Canada

Strategic Initiatives Supported via The CGOV Foundation

  • NATOA Trustee Accreditation Program
  • Aboriginal Women and Girls through The Canadian Women’s Foundation


To learn more about CGOV please contact

Sheila Norman

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Don Cranston

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